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Karaoke Installation Solutions for Venues, Bistros, and More.

For Commercial Use.

A true pioneer and an unrivalled market leader in the karaoke industry for over three decades. Since our inception over 30 years ago in Singapore, we have been setting the gold standard for karaoke equipment’s installations, consistently delivering unforgettable experiences that resonate with music enthusiasts island wide.

We specialize in providing top-notch karaoke installation services for a wide range of venues, including restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, and more. With our expertise in the industry, we offer a comprehensive solution that includes our own brand of high-quality karaoke equipment and cutting-edge features, ensuring an exceptional karaoke experience for your patrons.

We take pride in our line of state-of-the-art karaoke equipment, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of different venues. Our products are crafted with precision, incorporating the latest technology and innovative features to enhance the karaoke experience.

Our karaoke systems are the heart of our installations. We offer a range of options tailored to your specific requirements, from compact setups for intimate venues to fully integrated systems for larger establishments. Our systems include high-definition displays, user-friendly interfaces, and extensive song libraries, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable experience for your customers.

We understand the importance of freedom of movement during karaoke performances. That's why our wireless microphones provide crystal-clear sound and seamless connectivity, allowing singers to roam around the venue without any restrictions. With reliable signal transmission and superior audio quality, our wireless microphones enhance the overall karaoke experience.

To ensure an immersive audio experience, we offer premium-quality sound systems that deliver exceptional clarity and power. Our sound systems are expertly calibrated to optimize karaoke audio, providing a well-balanced sound that captivates your audience. Whether it's a small bistro or a large entertainment venue, we have the right solution to meet your acoustic needs.

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Create a visually stunning karaoke experience with our dynamic lighting and effects solutions. We offer a range of lighting options, including LED Wall fixtures, strobes, spotlights, and more, to set the right mood and ambiance for your karaoke nights. Our advanced effects equipment adds flair and excitement to performances, elevating the overall entertainment value.


In addition to our premium equipment, we are constantly innovating to provide the latest features in karaoke technology. Our new features karaoke system incorporates cutting-edge advancements that take the karaoke experience to new heights:

1.    Customizable Song Libraries: Tailor the song selection to suit your venue's demographic and preferences. Our system allows you to create custom song libraries, ensuring a diverse and up-to-date collection of tracks that resonate with your patrons.


2.    Interactive Song Requests: Engage your audience by enabling interactive song requests. Our system integrates with smartphones and tablets, allowing customers to browse and request songs directly from their devices. This interactive feature enhances customer participation and satisfaction.


At Best Audio Pte Ltd, we provide end-to-end solutions, from initial consultation and system design to professional installation and ongoing technical support. Our team of experienced technicians ensures that your karaoke installation is seamlessly integrated into your venue, maximizing its potential and minimizing any disruptions.


When it comes to karaoke installation for venues, bistros, and more, Best Audio Pte Ltd is your trusted partner. With our own brand of top-quality karaoke equipment and innovative features, we deliver an unforgettable karaoke experience for your customers. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and take your venue's entertainment offerings to the next level.

​For copyrights music license enquires/applications, please refer to Music Rights Singapore Public Limited (MRSS) & Composers and Authors Society of Singapore Ltd (COMPASS).

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Best Audio Pte Ltd.,

an affiliated company of

SPARKZ Entertainment.

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