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Guan Xi

Guan Xi Relationship

Relationships are everything in Asia including business relationships where both consumers and suppliers may be asked questions on a personal and family level during meetings and networking sessions.

The Chinese call this guanxi (关系). Guanxi is often translated as “connections”, “relationships” or “networks”. However, none of these terms do justice to the concept of guanxi and its central role in Chinese culture just as many other words get lost in translations.

This is not to be mistaken as being unethical or associated with corruption but an action which shows we are more than just business partners and is a crucial part of doing business, relying alot on the emotional intelligence of a person.

Building guanxi is a long-term relationship that can be done through formal and informal introductions, frequent visits to homes and offices, follow up calls, gifts during official or personal occasions or more commonly through dining and entertainment.

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