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Importance of team bonding

As we stepped into the last quarter of 2019, we contemplated about the advantages of team bonding; fun activities that allows colleagues to see each other in a different setting and hence promote a closer bond for better collaboration.

Many companies has engaged our self-manage karaoke rental sets for their department or monthly corporate bondings sessions which we see has the following benefits: 1) Becoming friends Many times we notice colleagues talking to each other through songs chosen which is an excellent ice-breaker.

Importance of team bonding

Knowing that you share the same favourite songs are always fun.

2) Mutual Encouragement

Supporting each other through social events will lead to staff working better together as they support each other too when at work.

Importance of team bonding

3) Team spirit

Our system comes with a very easy to use interface which allows you to pause and play a chosen song list. Many a time, has been used for karaoke competitions between teams motivating them to win more both at work and at play.

A successful team bonding event does not have to be costly but when done well with quality and intuitive equipments, an easy to use professional karaoke system can easily enable your team or company to be closer as they get more comfortable with expressing themselves leading them to be collaborative and motivated.


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